I wrote an article based on Isaiah 58, “A Heart for the Community.” I dealt with the ongoing challenge of ego and altruism, me/ myself and I within the context of my social community. I was motivated to evaluate my concern for my brother in groups, organizations and institutions other than my religious affiliation. Social life involves being an individual in the context of home, neighborhood, school, workplace, church/ religion, etc. These are a few of the social spaces wherein different people are encountered (macro interactions). When God created humankind, He created potential categories for groups was yet future. The basic connection of all people is their humanity and arrival into existence by divine will. Cain questioned his vital relationship to his brother because of his ego and self-interest. He was stubborn and dogmatic that he rather kill his brother than live in a win-win situation with his brother.

How do you see others who do not talk, think and live like you? What do you think God’s solution for differences among his children is? How does egalitarians and inclusivity manifest God’s solution? What is your choice, Cain-itis or the Golden Rule?

POSTED BY Mark McCleary | Sep, 05, 2023 |