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Pastor Mark A. McCleary

Ph.D., D. Min., M. Div., B.A.

Summary of Qualifications

Doctor McCleary has been a leader and role model of Christian values striving to inspire positive life-style transformation in others for 46+ years until his official retirement from pastoral ministry, July 1, 2022. As the Founder and President of Mark McCleary Ministries, he now reinvests his experience in church leadership and community outreach via 3MMM’s VISION, MISSION, and OBJECTIVES (Review MY Story, below). Doctor McCleary continues to inspire spiritual and social growth of many of his congregants, beneficiaries, contacts, etc. to be FATP—Faithful, Available, Teachable, and Productive. Surf this entire website, share it with your family and friends; use it as your initial point of contact and for resources that help you acquire a Bible-base education, discover, design, and deploy your God-given gifts to His glory and yours and others edification.

My Story, My Desire, and My Resume

I have pastored churches from Kansas to Missouri to New Jersey to Pennsylvania, DC, and Maryland, from where I retired from organizational oversight July 1, 2022. Yet, after 46+ years, I am fully engaged in Christian ministry via Mark McCleary Ministries by means of congregational and community education, gift discovery and implementation. My VISION, MISSION statements, respectively, are: “To be recognized as a good pastor by my congregants and a helpful and accessible chaplain to their various communities,” and “To be a role of Christian values to inspire positive lifestyle transformation in others.”

I am wiser today than when I first started ministry in 1974. God has gifted me with a
wealth of skills for helping individuals and groups improve their God-given talents. This candid confession expresses my desire to be “glocal”—have local impact with global outreach. There are many, unchurched and “churched” (inactive or lethargic) people who need mentoring and assistance as they pilgrimage in time and space and want to live productively and meaningfully in this present world toward eternity.

My STORY, DESIRE, and RESUME can be realized in you supporting and participating
3MMM, Inc. as your opportunity to learn Bible-based values and principles that help you discover, design, and deploy your God-given gifts to His glory, and yours and others edification.

Surf this website and learn about me and the many ministry offerings that will
empower you to hear God say to you, “Well done!” Until we meet in person, stay
FATP—Faithful, Available, Teachable, and Productive!

Academic Degrees & Certificates

• Degree: PhD - 2013, Concentration: “Conflict Analysis/ Resolution,” (Nova SE University, Fort Lauderdale, FL)

• Degree: Doctorate in Ministry - 1998, Concentration: ``Congregational Renewal,`` (Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer) Wynnewood, PA)

• Degree: Master of Divinity - 1978, (Andrews University Theological Seminary (Berrien Springs, MI)

• Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Theology-1974 (Oakwood College, Huntsville, AL)

• Ordained, Seventh-day Adventist Church Pastor (Central States Conference of Seventh-day Adventist), June 1980

• Ordained, Pennsylvania Eastern Keystone Baptist Association, November 2010 (Reverend Rodney King, Catechist)

• Ordained, National Association of Christian Ministers (2010)

Professional Affiliations

• Member--Baltimore and Extended Area Ministerium (BEAM); (2014-present)

• District of Columbia Black Church Initiative (DCBI) and National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), Reverend Anthony Evans, President (2004--Present)

• Prepare-Enrich Marital Counselor Certification (June 28, 2010)


Congregational Conflict Resolution Procedural Training Manual

As YOU Pray, so are YOU

The Bible Doctrine Study Series

Linking Daniel and Revelation: Piecing the End-Time Apocalyptic Puzzle Together

Assurance, Insurance, and Reassurance (A.I.R.): Pre-Marital and Marriage Information Series

A Guide to Discovering YOUR Spiritual Gifts (Revised)

Reflections on Daniel and Revelation Second Edition, including Workbook

Back to Basics: A Comprehensive Study Guide

The Gospel Presentation A Guide to Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Genesis: TEMPLATE for Self, Relationships, and Family (Pending)

Professional History

Associate Evangelist, (Kansas City, MO & KS, respectively), 1974

Pastorate, Topeka, KS & Sedalia, MO Seventh-day Adventist Church District, 1974-75

Pastorate, Shiloh (Leavenworth, KS) & St. Joseph, MO Seventh-day Adventist Church District, 1978-80

Pastorate, Park Avenue & Kirkwood, MO Seventh-day Adventist Church District, 1980-83

Pastorate, First Seventh-day Adventist Church (Montclair, NJ), 1985-92

Pastorate, Southwestern Seventh-day Adventist Church (Philadelphia, PA), 1992-2001

Pastorate, First Seventh-day Adventist Church (Washington, DC), 2001-2013

Associate Minister/Christian Education Coordinator, Philadelphia Baptist Church, (Philadelphia, PA), 2012

Pastorate, Liberty Seventh-day Adventist Church (Windsor Mill, MD), 2014–present