I have a written celebration when I preach sermons on salvation that express my ethnic flavoring of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for sinners. It concerns the theology of Jesus paying for my redemption. It covers from Adam and Eve’s fall and includes Heaven’s response that is ratified at the Cross of Calvary and is fulfilled in the empirical restoration of Paradise. If you would like a copy, make your request via www.3mmm.org (Contact Us).

Cool and the Gang asserted, “Celebrate good times.” Well, the best of good times for humanity’s salvation was “On Hill far away…” I celebrate that more than cry and or complain about the Devil’s devilment. IF “Jesus paid it all…,” I suggest you reflect on that and then speak your acceptance of its impact on your life (John. 3:16, 17).

What are your thoughts about the theology of Jesus paid it all? How have you been affected by its message? On the other hand, what keeps you from its benefits?

POSTED BY Mark McCleary | Dec, 01, 2022 |