My discovery of knowledge has been an on-going enterprise and has led me to produce these blogs, including the last one “Theological Matters and Adventism.” The accompanying article and discussions were prompted by another article, “The Development of Christian Theological Matters.” If you want a copy of any of my articles contact me via and list your email address for delivery.

We are connected people and we tend to group ourselves according to our family and denominational persuasions. Thus, we are not as original as we might want to promote our doctrinal teaching as being. It was interesting to learn that much of my/ our theological heritage is rooted in centuries-old discussions among various researchers and reporters of Biblical truth. How true, “Life is learning.”

How interested are you in studying to show yourself approved to God? What approach would you recommend for studying Bible truth, not just traditional discourse or interpretations that are not grounded by sound Bible exegesis?

POSTED BY Mark McCleary | Apr, 18, 2022 |