My pursuit of truth has led me to reflect on past and on-going theological data. There is so much that our Christian theological ancestors researched and reported on. I challenge you to Google any theological topic and learn its origin and evolution. As John Donne stated, “No man is an island unto himself….” Neither are we [SDA’s] born in isolation. There is truth to the statement,  “there is wisdom in a multitude of counsel.” If you use Paul’s hermeneutic of “Prove all things….(1 Thes. 5:21), you will learn to filter misinformation from truth. The enterprise of learning involves study, reflection, conviction and testifying of what you learned and applied.

Are you aware of how much theological debt we/ you owe to our/ your pre-SDA (whatever your religious tradition or affiliation) ancestors? How does your awareness or lack their of impact your zeal for and appropriation of sound biblical truth?

POSTED BY Mark McCleary | Jan, 04, 2022 |