I recall during a Sabbath School Teacher’s meeting (approximately 1973) when the subject of perfection was being discussed. The scriptural reference used was Matthew 5:43-48, “Be ye also perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” Some asserted that it meant God’s sphere and or man’s sphere of perfection. I have since studied Augustine, Calvin, Puritan, and Wesleyan theology on perfection. And after 40+ years of pastoral ministry, I am confident that most church folk are anxious in trying to live some form of perfection. Allow me to help. Reread the entire context of the passage and you should notice that “love thy neighbor” is central to the Bibles view of perfection. After rereading this scripture, did you learn that true perfection is best measured by how we relate to others, including those who spitefully use us? That is what being like God or perfect is about. This is altruism in its productive expression and not perfection in some speculative abstraction. Be perfect, productive and like God by loving others regardless of their difference in language, gender, or socio-economic situation.

What do think about perfection after reading this blog and in light of God’s Bible-based Good News? 

POSTED BY Mark McCleary | Apr, 04, 2021 |