I wrote an article on this topic after reading my alumni magazine (2017). The topic became clearer to me after having viewed all three “Taken” movies with Liam Neeson, whose family was attacked by human traffickers. Prior to these medium presentations, I had not considered this a local problem. Since then, however, I have heard and read more about the increasing illegal activities of this form of slavery. “Am I my brother’s” keeper?” asked Cain. Since his defensive rhetoric, mankind has mistreated their fellowman in horrible manners. The phenomenon of Human Trafficking comes in divers manifestations–racial, children, ethnic groups, and mostly women for sexual abuse and profit. I am not ambivalent concerning the reports (Epstein and Maxwell, being the latest high profile cases) concerning this disturbing misbehavior because I don’t like nor consciously support inhumanity in any of its expressed dysfunction. I wrote about it to help inform of its reality and hopefully help eliminate it.

What do you KNOW about human trafficking? What have you done or suggest might be done to eliminate it?