I dealt with the matter of psychology (thinking and behavior) in an article (Who and or What is in your mind?) some time ago. You can have it upon request (www.3mmm,org, Contact Us).

I approached the subject in the context of some of the Seventh-day Adventist pioneers’ religious background and organizational contributions. If life is learning, then they and we are impacted daily by diverse sights and sounds. No man is an island unto him or herself. Neither are they born and nurtured in a vacuum or ahistorically. This reasoning suggests that they/ we must filter and make sense of the environment, past and present.

Therefore, Mind YOUR Business suggests personal accountability for living better today than you did yesterday because your mind has been exposed to new data from the environment while your previous mistakes help you make wiser decisions today.

How do you process parental, religious, and societal data for the business of living productively? Isn’t your mind your primary business agenda?