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Reflections on Daniel and Revelation



This dual volume has been no small undertaking by Dr. McCleary. Yet, his approach had made its content seem so simple and thought provoking that laypersons and scholars will enjoy reading its commentary and answering its workbook questions. Daniel and Revelation have, singularly or in tandem, been avoided by many bible students, yet Dr. McCleary’s book has sought to make each apocalyptic book accessible to Joe or Jane Q. Member. His sound biblical, historical, and non-dogmatic method of commentary makes this book a must read for every bible student who embraces the tenet “That all scripture is given by inspiration of God” (2Tim. 3:16). This book should stimulate its reader’s thinking as he or she relates past, present, and future events to the relevant prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. –Dr. Napoleon Divine, Founder and Senior Pastor, Christ International Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA.

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