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Linking Daniel and Revelation: Piecing the End-Time Apocalyptic Puzzle Together (download)


Linking Daniel and Revelation is organized around the salient features of each book. In my attempt to show the expanding and overlapping linkage of these two books, I begin with Daniel then proceed to Revelation. I suggest that you review the scriptures cited as you read, to verify my descriptions, assertions, and queries. I am confident that your systematic reflections will provide understanding, confidence, and skill, so that you may be able to share learned insights with others. Consequently, family, friends, and others will also be informed, inspired, and empowered in the increasing perilous times of these last days.


Dr. McCleary has made Linking Daniel and Revelation simple and meaningful for the Bible students who want to learn truth and not recite today’s troubles alone. When you use this book, it will walk you through the intricate prophecies so many have been intimidated to study. It will also inspire you with confidence that God is in control and not evil men or demonic forces. This resource will facilitate you understanding God’s Kingdom project and His end-time activities for your personal and global RENEWAL by His WORD.

Dr. George E. Thornton Sr., Senior Pastor, Magazine Seventh-day Adventist Church, Louisville, KY


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