The law of the wise is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death. 15 Good understanding giveth favor: But the way of transgressors is hard. 16 Every prudent man dealeth with knowledge: But a fool layeth open his folly. 17 A wicked messenger falleth into mischief: But a faithful ambassador is health (Prov. 13:14-17, KJV).

            This is for whomever desires information on these significant topics. I have been monitoring the public media and dialoguing with one, learned, awarded, Christian, and trained in the essential fields of virology, epidemiology, and related disciplines that I trust for balanced and non-partisan feedback. He shared two articles (Which Covid-19 Vaccines are being developed with fetal cell lines derived from aborted babies? and Abortion opponents protest Covid-19 vaccines’ use of fetal cells) with me that I will comment on below:

            Fetal cell line tissue is a source and method for harvesting materials for creating vaccines that has been used and seems to be used by the recently proposed vaccines via the White House and several media. It is considered an unethical approach by Pro-Life folk and organizations because these cell materials are derived from aborted babies from the 1970s and 80s.

            Many traditional vaccines were grown from animal, plant, fungi cells, or within chicken eggs, yeast, or monkey kidney cells. These approaches are considered ethical for harvesting, purification, and moral purposes. Vaccines are crafted to affect the human genome to make antigens for fighting pathogens. The ethical challenge for many is using fetal cells to grow viral vectors rather than non-human options. Some vaccine candidates are using platforms that do not use cellular material at all. Several Pharmaceutical companies are hurrying to have such a vaccine developed by year-end (2020) or early 2021. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been monitoring this traffic and reports that some candidates have advanced to the clinical trial phase but have yet to provide safety and efficacy assurances.

            President Trump has suggested a coming vaccine for several months, and the US government has issued grants supporting these efforts of almost $2 billion dollars. While he was not role modeling C-19 physical (Social) distancing etiquette, members of his cabinet and Secreta Service protection contracted Coronavirus. Meanwhile, his business acumen facilitated such funding to entities like (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority [BARDA]; Johnson and Johnson; Moderna, and others).

            As a layperson, I need virology and epidemiology for dummies. I have learned that vaccines are for enhancing our immune system to fight virus infections. It does this by developing antigens or protein molecules that trigger our immune response to identify and destroy viral pathogens. No traditional (fetal and non-human cells) or mRNA or DNA (no cells) have been approved for specifically fighting C-19 by the general public to-date. The major challenge is “guaranteeing” safety and efficacy. The former might be preferred because of human compatibility (fetal) in spite of inherent flaws or contamination (animal) issues as well as supply concerns (chicken), while the latter (mRNA or DNA) might be faster and cheaper to develop. Another idea related to the ethical concerns to using fetal cells is not using aborted material, but tissue derived from organ donations such as stillbirths, neonatal, or prematurely born cases. In addition, these alternate sources might include the human umbilical cord, cord blood, or placenta materials.

            Along with the ethical hurdle for using fetal cell lines is the major issue of purification, which is a laborious process because of the intrinsic limitations for filtering every contaminant. I think it is unethical to announce a vaccine that does not have rational grounding in essential “Is”   being dotted or “Ts” crossed. A gullible, naïve, and anxious public will be blown away with  the wind of sensationalism depending upon the announcement and the announcer. Such propaganda is often the work of those who look and sound like the audience. I do not like politicians who pander to fear and ignorance. Nevertheless, the reader or message recipient has to look, listen, and decide with logic and practical know-how concerning these matters.

            In closing, my source provided some other insights to ponder that might help the reader in determining to use or not use an available or promised vaccine. He stated that the recently promised vaccine has limited effectiveness measurements (i.e. 7 days) and not 3, 6, or 9 months of reliability and verification testing. What about its aftereffects? What if the recipient develops post-vaccine symptoms, does he/ she have to take another shot? He added that these concerns or lack of certainty are rooted in a “promised” vaccine that was or not measured on an anti-body (antigen) to virus methodology, but on how many recipients got noticeably sick or not. Do not be bamboozled, hood winked, or run a muck into taking a vaccine that has not satisfied all essential safety and efficacy protocols.

            The following are my recommendations, many of which I borrowed from a list provided by another trusted Spiritual peer and caretaker source—Mask over mouth and nose (might inner line with coffee filters soaked in salted water, dried and cut to fit); Clean your mask regularly and properly; Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly; Drink PLENTY of Water; Eat to improve your immune system; Maintain Physical (Social) distance of 6 or more feet especially in public spaces; Use alcoholic-based sanitizer and keep them “full”; Exercise to get your heart rate up, challenge your aerobic system and preferably get outside for fresh air and sunlight; Keep bathrooms and kitchen areas properly sanitized; Downsize your mass gathers/ attendees THIS YEAR and UNTIL; Get a Flu shot from a trusted provider; Especially for group gatherings, use paper and plastic ware; If you wear gloves, dispose properly and limit transferring external touching to your body or when you return home.

            I wrote this because I wanted to provide some basic science that might not be available from recent vaccine announcement. I also hope readers will do further research and or publish any helpful insights. Lastly, 2020 has reminded me that I have choices to make about being my brother’s keeper, being disciplined and a better steward of myself and its environment, and to get my head out of the sand or my fingers out of my ears and give voice to truth that empowers others to live better in a world that necessitates intentional actions for being safe, healthy, and productive. This is my way of staying busy living rather than being busy dying.


Pastor Mark A. McCleary

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