At the beginning of the 2017 NFL season, Colin Kapernick, began his journey as a social activist in the court of public opinion. What began as a personal protest has become a hot topic for politicos, liberals, conservatives, religionists and atheists. Americans and other “worldlings” have observed and criticized and or joined in by voicing their support or ridicule. Jesus predicted His disciples would be brought to trial to voice their allegiance or denial of Him (Matthew 5:9-12). In other words, I/ you cannot remain spectators, but participants in life that demands our voice of pro or con demonstration. Kapernick’s experience makes our voice and eyes matter for real living and involvement in real life events beyond church/ temple/ mosque or civic/ community observation sites.

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How have you used your voice to support freedom of speech and justice for all? Should celebrities use their voice for social issues or just play sports and perform for our entertainment?