“Study to show…” (2 Tim. 2:15). I have read, heard and taught this passage during my 40+ years of pastoral service. However, after all this time I am frustrated with implementation of its admonition among Christian disciples/ constituents. Folk argue about certain subjects, condemn others who don’t profess like them, and often say after I preached my heart out, “When you going to preach about….?” 3MMM emerged from reflections concerning this state of affairs and how I might do better, globally speaking. Renewing the World with God’s WORD is my effort to get whomsoever to read, reflect (STUDY) the Bible systematically and consistently. First, I am a practitioner. Second, I am a role model. Third, I encourage you to follow me as….

What is you observation, testimony and solution for implementing this text personally and corporately? Does it matter? If it does, support 3MMM in its Vision, Mission, and Objectives to Renew the world with God’s word.

POSTED BY Mark McCleary | Mar, 04, 2020 |